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Types of Submissions

Before you submit anything, please review the Final Submission Guidelines or the Quick-Start Manuscript FAQs.

Proposals—A proposal consists of the following:

  • A cover letter describing the audience for the planned publication, the purpose of the publication, and a projected length of the finished book
  • A table of contents or a detailed, annotated outline
  • At least two sample chapters

Manuscripts—We have developed FAQs to serve as a quick-start guide for manuscript preparation. A cover letter describing the intended audience for the publication and its purpose should accompany the manuscript.

Electronic or audiovisual media 

  • For electronic media, please send a CD that shows the applets, support text, and any other features you plan to include, as well as information on the format and instructions for use. If such materials are not fully developed, describe your plans and how teachers should implement the materials in the classroom.
  • If submitting a proposal for a videotape, include all the same information you would for a manuscript, including a detailed outline or storyboard. Also indicate how you plan to produce the videotape and your funding sources (you are responsible for securing all funding). Videotapes need to be professional in quality of planning, design, and production. Note: No videotape is approved for distribution until the Educational Materials Committee has reviewed a final version.

Posters—reviewers will need to see the text and a rendition of the layout as well as a description of the poster's purpose and use.

Types of Submissions
What Happens Next
Final Submission Guidelines
Quick-Start FAQs (PDF)

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