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Equity Guidelines

Development and Production of Materials
Endorsement of Materials Developed by Others

All projects and publications of NCTM and the endorsement of other materials by NCTM are expected to address a range of issues associated with equity and diversity in mathematics education. Groups involved in the development or production of materials bearing the name NCTM should ensure that--

  • historically underrepresented groups are included in the conceptual development, planning, and implementation of the proposed project or publication;

  • the language used to frame, describe, and address diverse populations does not treat groups as having deficits and problems;

  • clear, specific statements supporting equity and diversity are integral to the document;

  • the philosophies and beliefs expressed by other entities requesting NCTM endorsement are compatible with NCTM's "Mathematics for All" statement;

  • attention is given to the accomplishments and models stemming from underrepresented groups;

  • projects and publications are free of stereotyping and bias;

  • visual images used in publications are free of stereotyping and are representative of the diverse populations of the country;

  • those responsible for the endorsement of materials are representative of diverse populations;

  • messages about the need to improve mathematics education for underrepresented groups communicate that such efforts improve mathematics education for everyone;

  • ideas communicated about mathematics, mathematics assessment, and pedagogy are sensitive to the cultural differences and perspectives of diverse populations; and

  • all products and materials are submitted for an equity review both internally* and externally**.

These guidelines should be distributed to all NCTM committees, departments, and management staff.

*Internal means within the committee or department producing the product or material.

**External means another committee or department in NCTM, an NCTM Affiliated Group, or a group or individual outside NCTM.

Dec. 1997

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