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Call for Manuscripts: Mathematics Teacher


2016 Focus Issue: Teaching Mathematics Online (PDF)
The MT Editorial Panel invites submissions on how online technologies can be leveraged for mathematics learning and how these can balance and complement traditional classroom formats.

On the Front Burner: Emerging Issues in Mathematics Education (PDF)
This is an exciting time to be a mathematics educator! The recent global scrutiny of mathematics education, curricular changes, and evolving technological innovations generate controversial positions. Mathematics Teacher welcomes manuscripts that “stir the pot” on provocative current issues in mathematics education.

Great Problems (PDF)
Mathematical tasks that engage students, promote inquiry, and generate rich discussions are central to effective classrooms. Share your great problems with MT readers.

Statistics and Probability (PDF)
To make and interpret decisions in today’s world, we all must be statistically literate. Help MT readers gain new perspectives on dynamic approaches involving data and chance.

Mathematizing the World: An Invitation to Modeling (PDF)
Do you wrestle with complexities of mathematical modeling in classrooms? Tell us how you incorporate representations of real-world behavior and relationships among experiment, data, form, and function.

Open the Door and Keep It Open (PDF)
The MT Editorial Panel welcomes manuscripts that illustrate key ways in which teachers of entry-level courses can open the door for students to learn mathematics.

Assessment (PDF)
It influences teaching, learning, and relationships as well as recruitment and retention of teachers. Let us know how you use, judge, and view assessment.

Reasoning and Sense Making (PDF)
Advocate a culture of reasoning and sense making in which students draw conclusions based on evidence and develop understanding by connecting to existing knowledge


Reader Reflections
Comment on published articles or share your own mathematics interest. Letters should not exceed 500 words and are subject to abridgment.

Sound Off! 
MT’s version of an op-ed piece is a short, signed statement, editorial in nature, that raises a significant issue or advocates a point of view about some aspect of teaching or learning mathematics.

Media Clips (PDF)
Short items from the media focus on interesting uses or misuses of mathematics that are appropriate for classroom study. Please provide accurate reference information for the clip that you use.

Mathematical Lens
Photographs are a springboard for mathematical inquiry. Encourage readers to see patterns and relationships that they can extend in a mathematically playful way.

MT needs a variety of problems, each trimmed to fit into one square on the calendar. About half should be accessible to all students in grades 8–12. Submit an entire month’s worth of problems or just a handful. Include complete solutions for each problem.

Activities for Students (PDF)
Model good questioning skills with activities suitable for classroom use. Include discussion of student thinking about the underlying concepts, connections, representations, and proof.

Connecting Research to Teaching (PDF)
Make explicit connections between research and teaching practice. Articles would be appropriate for reflective discussions at department meetings or any other gathering of high school mathematics teachers.

Technology Tips (PDF)
Highlight materials and activities that use technology to enhance instruction, assessment, and curriculum. Emphasis is on classroom-tested tips, easily adaptable to a wide variety of classroom situations.

Delving Deeper
Classroom teachers are encouraged to elaborate on new insights into familiar secondary school mathematics, expand on connections between topics, or leave readers with a mathematical idea to expand.

The Back Page: My Favorite Lesson (PDF)
Share a favorite lesson that works well with students and that other teachers might adapt for their own classroom. The format is intended to be a one-page narrative, around 600 words.

General Submission Information


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