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NCTM Seventy-second Yearbook (2010)

The K–12 Mathematics Curriculum: Issues, Trends, and Future Directions

The mathematics curriculum—what it should be, what it is, how it is organized and sequenced, how it is taught and assessed, and what students learn—is the core of mathematics education. Curriculum goals and standards (the intended curriculum) and curriculum materials (the written curriculum) are powerful agents influencing teachers’ instructional decisions and actions (the implemented curriculum). Throughout the last two centuries, the school mathematics curriculum has evolved to accommodate changing societal needs, incorporate advances in mathematics, reflect growing knowledge about learning and teaching, and capitalize on new developments in technology.

There has been a significant effort during the last two decades to improve mathematics learning opportunities for students by changing the nature and content of mathematics curriculum goals and materials. This attempt has raised the level and intensity of conversations about the mathematics curriculum among K–16 teachers, mathematics educators, mathematicians, parents, administrators, and members of school boards. The more we know about the evolutionary process of mathematics curriculum development, the more likely we are to understand how things are today, how they came to be that way, and how this knowledge might influence future decisions.

The 72nd NCTM Yearbook will help readers better understand the scope of the mathematics curriculum and some of the important contemporary issues being faced as curricula are developed, selected, and implemented in schools.

Spring/Summer 2007 Call for articles
December 1, 2007 Deadline for receipt of initial submissions to general editor
March 2008 Notification to authors of status of articles
August 1, 2008 Deadline for second-round manuscripts to issue editor
November 2008 Notification to authors of final acceptance
March 1, 2009 Deadline for receipt of final manuscripts to issue editor
March/April 2010 Yearbook debuts at NCTM Annual Meeting

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