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Write for NCTM

Write for the School Journals

We want to hear from you on topics that you know best.

General manuscripts are a significant part of what we publish. Many of our authors are practicing classroom teachers and others may be graduate students, professors, or staff developers. Some work is written by individuals, whereas other manuscripts are prepared by a team of educators.  more>>  

If you are a classroom teacher with some ideas to share but are a little uncertain about how to proceed, here is some help.

See three short video presentations on Writing for NCTM 

  • Get Published” by Sara-Lynn Gopalkrishna, editor of Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School, that provides an overview of the process of getting published from writing to layout and publication.  (13:30)
  • Avoid Writing Pitfalls” by Beth Skipper, editor of Teaching Children Mathematics, that provides ideas on the dos and don’ts of writing for the school journals. (15:30)
  • "Become a Journal Referee” by Al Goetz, former editor of Mathematics Teacher, provides an overview of the review process and will motivate you to sign up. (13:47)



Annual Perspectives in Mathematics Education

The APME 2014 volume on Using Research to Improve Instruction is seeking submission for various topics. Learn more about details for submission.

  • Teaching
  • Learning
  • Curriculum
  • Assessment
  • Equity
  • Technology

Journal for Research in Mathematics Education

JRME is seeking submission for various types of publications.


Submit a Book Proposal

Do you have a book or book idea you think could serve teachers and the mathematics education community? Let's see if we can work together.



Student Explorations in Mathematics

Do you have an idea for a mathematics activity that could interest young mathematics students? Is it within the reach of advanced fifth graders? Can it be extended to challenge sophomores or juniors in high school? Then we are looking for you!  more>>  


Mathematics Teacher Educator

The primary audience of Mathematics Teacher Educator is practitioners in mathematics teacher education, with practitioner broadly defined as anyone who contributes to the preparation and professional development of pre-K–12 pre-service and in-service teachers of mathematics. Please submit your Manuscripts for Mathematics Teacher Educator, the copublished online journal of NCTM and and AMTE.


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