Part I: Mathematics Everyday and Everywhere
Part II: Mathematics Content for Young Children

Helping at Home

Author: Kate Kline
Journal: Teaching Children Mathematics
Publication Date: April 1999
Kline’s (1999) “Helping at Home” provides a collection of simple and clearly described group games that emphasize repeated experiences for the learning of counting with meaning and number relationships. She adapts two familiar games, Concentration and Go Fish, from matching cards to finding number pairs for 5. Many of these early games have the potential for extension as children’s mathematical understandings grow. For example, her “5s Go Fish” can easily become “10s Go Fish” as children master the pairs of fives and are ready for more of a challenge. Similarly, the concentration game “Turn over 5” can become “Turn over 10.” Handouts for parents of “Turn over 5” (or 10) and two additional games, including, “Guess My Number” and “Race to 20” are provided, along with a parent response sheet intended to collect feedback from parents on the games and to continue the lines of communication.