Part I: Mathematics Everyday and Everywhere
Part II: Mathematics Content for Young Children

Promoting Young Children’s Mathematical Learning through a New Twist on Homework

Author: Kyoung-Hye Seo and Sandra J. Bruk
Journal: Teaching Children Mathematics
Publication Date: September 2003
“Promoting Young Children’s Mathematical Learning through a New Twist on Homework” (Seo & Bruk 2003) describes how teachers at one school involved parents of three- to five-year-olds by creating homework kits and activities. The kits themselves include inexpensive items such as buttons, craft sticks, and paper clips that could be used with a range of activities for sorting, patterning, counting, comparing, and measuring. Rather than worksheets, the homework activities include active investigations during which parents and children engage in mathematics together, such as counting the number of steps from one room of the house to another. Of equal importance to the learning that occurred at home were the interactions between teachers and parents as parents shared their observations of their children’s learning.