Journal for Research in Mathematics Education

  • Vol. 48, No. 1, January 2017

    Jinfa Cai, Anne Morris, Stephen Hwang, Charles Hohensee, Victoria Robison, and James Hiebert University of Delaware


    This editorial discusses how research can have a larger impact on educational practice and what kinds of research can have the greatest impact on educational practice.


    Reviewed by Amanda Jansen, Joseph DiNapoli, and Kristin McKenney, University of Delaware


    A book review of From Beliefs to Dynamic Affect Systems in Mathematics Education: Exploring a Mosaic of Relationships and Interactions, edited by Birgit Pepin and Bettina Roesken-Winter.


    Reviewed by Edward A. Silver and Kwame Yankson, University of Michigan

    A book review of Mathematical Problem Posing: From Research to Effective Practice, edited by Florence Mihaela Singer, Nerida F. Ellerton, and Jinfa Cai.