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November 2008, Volume 39, Issue 5


Editorial: Another Transition
Steve Williams

Editorial Another Transition Steve Williams The November 2008 issue of the JRME is the last on which my name will appear as editor. It is appropriate, I think, to use this final opportunity to thank those who have worked so hard during my tenure to help maintain the quality and integrity of the journal. First, thanks g

Access to Upper-Level Mathematics: The Stories of Successful African American Middle School Boys
Robert Q. Berry III
This article is about 8 African American middle school boys who have experienced success in mathematics. Five themes emerged from the data: (a) early educational experiences, (b) recognition of abilities and how it was achieved, (c) support systems, (d) positive mathematical and academic identity, and (e) alternative identities.   

Mapping Mathematics Classroom Discourse and Its Implications for Models of Teaching
Mary P. Truxaw, Thomas C. DeFranco
This article reports on models of teaching that developed as outgrowths of a study of middle-grades mathematics classes. Three specific cases are highlighted that represent deductive (associated with univocal), inductive (associated with dialogic), and mixed (a hybrid of deductive and inductive) models of teaching. Teaching practices associated with each model are illustrated and discussed

The Effect of Schema-Based Instruction in Solving Mathematics Word Problems: An Emphasis on Prealgebraic Conceptualization of Multiplicative Relations
Yan Ping Xin
The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of a schema-based instructional strategy   that emphasizes prealgebraic conceptualization of multiplicative relations on solving arithmetic word problems with elementary students with learning disabilities or problems (LP). Introducing symbolic representation and algebraic thinking in earlier grades may facilitate a smoother transition from elementary to higher level mathematics learning and improve middle and high school mathematics performance.  


The editors thank the following people, who reviewed manuscripts and monographs submitted to the journal in 2007. Through their thoughtful, expert critiques, our reviewers contribute not only to the quality of the manuscripts and monographs published but also to the development of the profession.

Index for JRME Volume 39

The index for JRME, volume 39, encompasses January, March, May, July, and November 2008 issues.