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March 2008, Volume 39, Issue 2


Studying the Effects of Professional Development: The Case of the NSF's Local Systemic Change Through Teacher Enhancement Initiative
Daniel Heck; Eric Banilower; Iris Weiss; Sharyn Rosenberg
Enacting the vision of NCTM's Principles and Standards for School Mathematics depends on effective teacher professional development. This 7-year study of 48 projects in the National Science Foundation’s Local Systemic Change Through Teacher Enhancement Initiative investigates the relationship between professional development and teachers’ attitudes, preparedness, and classroom practices in mathematics.

First-Grade Basic Facts: An Investigation Into Teaching and Learning of an Accelerated, High-Demand Memorization Standard
Valerie Henry; Richard Brown
California is one of four states that have accelerated addition and subtraction basic-facts memorization. This article reports on teacher practices, first-grade achievement of the standard, and a broader conception of basic-facts competence.

Standards-based Mathematics Curricula and Middle-Grades Students' Performance on Standardized Achievement Tests
Thomas Post; Michael Harwell; Jon Davis; Yukiko Maeda; Arnie Cutler; Edwin Andersen; Jeremy Kahan; Ke Norman
This study examined achievement patterns of middle school students enrolled in Standards-based curricula, in particular those curricula that were funded from a solicitation of proposals through the National Science Foundation (NSF) in the early 1990s (NSF RFP 91-100).