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March 2012, Volume 43, Issue 2


Reporting Research for Practitioners: Proposed Guidelines
NCTM Research Committee
The NCTM Research Committee developed this article to address a distinctly important activity that links research and practice: writing research-based articles for practitioner journals. Six guiding principles are described.

From Dissertation to Publication in JRME
Eva Thanheiser, Amy Ellis, and Beth Herbel-Eisenmann
Three JRME authors describe the process of publishing their research in JRME. All 3 authors published parts of their dissertation in JRME and are sharing their stories to help (new) researchers in mathematics education better understand the process and to offer (experienced) researchers in mathematics education a tool that can be used to mentor their less experienced colleagues and students.

Effects of a Teacher Professional Development Program on the Mathematics Achievement of Middle School Students
Laura B. Sample McMeeking, Rebecca Orsi, and R. Brian Cobb
The effect of a 15- to 24-month in-service professional development (PD) program on state accountability mathematics test scores for middle school students was examined. Results showed that students’ odds of achieving a score of Proficient or better increased with teacher participation in the PD program.

Seeing With Two Eyes: A Teacher’s Use of Gestures in Questioning and Revoicing to Engage English Language Learners
Paichi Pat Shein
A case study examines a 5th-grade teacher’s orchestration of discourse and interaction to create opportunities for English language learners to participate in the repair of mathematical errors during a unit on finding the area of geometric shapes. The findings detail how the teacher used gestures in grounding her questioning, revoicing students’ strategies, and narrating the meaning of geometric features.

Book Review: On the Connections Between General Education Theories and Theories in Mathematics Education
Roza Leikin and Rina Zazkis
This book review explores Theories of Mathematics Education: Seeking New Frontiers, edited by Bharath Sriraman and Lyn English.

Announcement: Equity in Mathematics Education Special Issue

A listing is given of current online offerings for Equity in Mathematics Education, the special issue of JRME that explores the subject of equity.