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May 2010, Volume 41, Issue 3


A Letter from the NCTM President: Linking Research and Practice: The Research Agenda Project
J. Michael Shaughnessy
This article explores the release of Linking Research and Practice: The NCTM Research Agenda Report

Mathematical Caring Relations in Action
Amy J. Hackenberg
In a small-scale, 8-month teaching experiment, the author aimed to establish and maintain mathematical caring relations (MCRs) with 4 6th-grade students. From a teacher’s perspective, establishing MCRs involves holding the work of orchestrating mathematical learning for students together with an orientation to monitor and respond to energetic fluctuations that may accompany student–teacher interactions. From a student’s perspective, participating in an MCR involves some openness to the teacher’s interventions in the student’s mathematical activity and some willingness to pursue questions of interest. In this article, the author elucidates the nature of establishing MCRs with 2 of the 4 students in the study and examines what is mathematical about these caring relations.

The Impact of Prior Math Achievement on the Relationship Between HS Math Curricula and Postsecondary Math Performance, Course-Taking, and Persistence
Thomas R. Post, Amanuel Medhanie, Michael Harwell, Ke Wu Norman, Danielle N. Dupuis, Thomas Muchlinski, Edwin Andersen, and Debra Monson
This retrospective study examined the impact of prior mathematics achievement on the relationship between high school mathematics curricula and student postsecondary mathematics performance. Of interest were comparisons of the difficulty level and grade in their initial and subsequent college mathematics courses, and the number of mathematics courses completed over 8 semesters of college work. In general, high school curriculum was not differentially related to the pattern of mathematics grades students that earned over time or to the difficulty levels of the students’ mathematics course-taking patterns.