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May 2014, Volume 45, Issue 3


EDITORIAL: I Received a “Revise and Resubmit” Decision: Now What?
Tami S. Martin and Amanda L. Miller
This editorial discusses the next steps, after an author receives a “revise and resubmit” decision, when completing a manuscript for JRME.

Race and Teacher Evaluations as Predictors of Algebra Placement
Valerie N. Faulkner, Lee V. Stiff, Patricia L. Marshall, John Nietfeld, and Cathy L. Crossland
This study is a longitudinal look at the different mathematics placement profiles of Black students and White students from late elementary school through 8th grade. Results revealed that Black students had reduced odds of being placed in algebra by the time they entered 8th grade even after controlling for performance in mathematics. An important implication of this study is that placement recommendations must be monitored to ensure that high-achieving students are placed appropriately, regardless of racial background.

Noticing Children’s Participation: Insights Into Teacher Positionality Toward Equitable Mathematics Pedagogy
Anita A. Wager
This article describes how teachers in a professional development course responded to what they noticed about children’s participation in elementary mathematics classrooms and how what they noticed was connected to the teachers’ positionality toward equitable mathematics pedagogy. Findings suggest that a lens of participation supported teachers as they considered how to provide more equitable mathematics instruction. Further, the depth to which teachers noticed children’s participation was connected to their positionality as equitable mathematics educators.

Difference Not Deficit: Reconceptualizing Mathematical Learning Disabilities
Katherine E. Lewis
Mathematical learning disability (MLD) research often conflates low achievement with disabilities and focuses exclusively on deficits of students with MLDs. In this study, the author adopts an alternative approach using a response-to-intervention MLD classification model to identify the resources students draw on rather than the skills they lack. Detailed diagnostic analyses of the sessions revealed that the students understood mathematical representations in atypical ways and that this directly contributed to the persistent difficulties they experienced. Implications for screening and remediation approaches are discussed.

BOOK REVIEW: Rousing Mathematics Classroom Discourse out of the Ice Age
Victoria Hand and Tamsin Meaney
This book review explores Equity in Discourse for Mathematics Education: Theories, Practices, and Policies, edited by Beth Herbel-Eisenmann, Jeffrey Choppin, David Wagner, and David D. Pimm