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July 2002, Volume 33, Issue 4


Preserving Trust: Avoiding Conflicts of Interest in the Publication Process
Edward A. Silver
The Journal for Research in Mathematics Education is an outlet for the publication of high-quality scholarship on mathematics teaching and learning. In particular, it is a place for scholars to publish the findings of research studies that pertain to a wide variety of issues in this broad domain.

Learning From Teaching: Exploring the Relationship Between Reform Curriculum and Equity
Jo Boaler
Some researchers have expressed doubts about the potential of reform-oriented curricula to promote equity. This article considers this important issue and argues that investigations into equitable teaching must pay attention to the particular practices of teaching and learning that are enacted in classrooms. Data are presented from two studies in which middle school and high school teachers using reform-oriented mathematics curricula achieved a reduction in linguistic, ethnic, and class inequalities in their schools. The teaching and learning practices that these teachers employed were central to the attainment of equality, suggesting that it is critical that relational analyses of equity go beyond the curriculum to include the teacher and their teaching.