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January 2000, Volume 93, Issue 1


(A + B + C) cubed
Richard Forringer
Ways to expand the trinomial (A + B + C) to the 3rd power. The author connects this expansion with a standard method of binomial expansion. The author asks the question, "What is the area of a square whose side measures A + B?" then moves strategically to the question "What is the volume of a cube whose side measures A + B + C?"  He continues by looking for an algebraic shortcut to find the product.

A Mathematical History Tour
Loretta Kelley
Mathematics has a place in history, and history has a place in mathematics. This article highlights connection between mathematics and history.

Japanese High School Entrance Examinations
Tad Watanabe
Some of the challenges that people face as they examine mathematics education in other countries.

Understanding Connections between Equations and Graphs
Eric Knuth
Reflects the author's experiences teaching understanding of connections between equations and graphs to students.

Statistics in Context
Jane Watson
Judging statistical claims in social contexts is fundamental to statistical literacy. This article uses a particularly contentious newspaper report that makes a cause-and-effect claim as the basis for discussing this important aspect of statistical understanding.

Algebra for All: Reunion of Broken Parts: Experiencing Diversity in Algebra
Lawrence Lesser
Three opportunities to encounter and engage diversity: history, multiple representations, and object concept of function.