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January 2001, Volume 94, Issue 1


Gloria Hewitt: Mathematician
Randy Lattimore
The African-American woman mathematician, Gloria Hewitt, can serve as as a means of inspiring and encouraging potential mathematicians from minority groups.

Selected Resources for Encouraging Females in Mathematics
Lynda Wiest
An extensive annotated bibliography for achieving gender equity in mathematics.

Analytic Methods in Investigative Geometry
David Dobbs
Analytic methods (from trigonometry) when used in a geometry course can serve as agents for both investigation and proof.

Promoting Conceptual Understanding of Matrices
Laura Worrall, Robert Quinn
Using a factory-production environment can lead students to a conceptual understanding of matrices. The authors also advocate the proper use of graphing calculators to promote deeper understanding.

Mathematics in Tribal Philippines and Other Societies in the South Pacific
Queena Lee-Chua
Mathematics in the Philippines from an historical perspective and the benefits derived from including such information in the classroom.