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January 2002, Volume 95, Issue 1


Counting Pizzas: A Discovery Lesson Using Combinatorics
Gail Nord, Eric Malm, John Nord
A combinatorics problem involving pizza toppings.

The Spot Problem: Connecting Points, Connecting Mathematics
Jeremy Kahan, Terry Wyberg
Using the Spot Problem to illustrate the importance of inductive and deductive reasoning and the connections among algebra, graph theory, geometry, and combinatorics.

Alternative Geometric Constructions: Promoting Mathematical Reasoning
Eric Pandiscio
The varied mathematical reasoning involved when a geometric construction problem is solved with three different manipulative tools.

Ratio Analysis: Where Investments Meet Mathematics
Susan Barton, Dennis Woodbury
The topic of ratio and analysis by which investments may be evaluated. To do so requires the use of fundamental mathematics, problem solving, and comparison of the mathematical results within the framework of an industry.


Reader Reflections
Reader Reflections - January 2002

Sharing Teaching Ideas
Sharing Teaching Ideas: Letting the Cat out of the Bag . . . To Make Room for a Triangle!

Sharing Teaching Ideas
Sharing Teaching Ideas: Roots in Music

Media Clips
Media Clips - January 2002

Calendar Problems
Calendar - January 2002

Technology /Technology Tips
Technology Tips - January 2002

For Your Information/Products/Publications
Publications - January 2002

For your Information/Products/Publications
Products - January 2002

Projects: The National Math Trail