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January 2004, Volume 97, Issue 1


Promoting Learning through Inquiry
Naomi Chissick
The process of including open-ended tasks and inquiry-based learning in the mathematics syllabus of high school. Article discusses 3 levels of open ended investigations to enhance learning. Includes 3 open ended investigations.

Challenges Associated with Developing Discursive Classrooms in High-Poverty, Rural Schools
Richard Kitchen
Difficulties associated with developing discursive classrooms at high-poverty, rural schools. Article discusses ideas presented as part of a research study completed with teachers from high poverty rural schools who attended an intensive, three-week summer academy. Includes disscussion regarding cultural differences and language barriers.

EMRF: Everyday Rubric Grading
Rodney Stutzman, Kimberly Race
A rubric grading system that incorporates the NCTM assessment standards. A grading system that supports standards-based curricula. Includes a process for writing rubrics that define expectations for student work and helps teachers create an open, equitable, student-centered grading process.

Using Conjectures to Teach Students the Role of Proof
Rhonda Cox
A unit to teach proof and reasoning. A classroom allowing students to work as mathematicians by conjecturing, proving, and critiquing their own conjectures.

People Count: Analyzing a Country's Future
Henry Kranendonk
The United States population by way of current and projected histograms. Article discusses ways of mathematically looking at data to understand possible changes in society. Includes programs for TI-83 to analyze data.