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October 2000, Volume 93, Issue 7


Strength of Wood Beams: An Engineering Application
Mary Dengerud-Au
A lesson involving the measurement of wood beams and the prediction and testing of their stress limits. An example of a problem with multiple solutions, each with different consequences.

Teaching Strategies for Algebra for All
James Choike
Broad classroom strategies for enhancing academic achievement for all students, including a discussion of the nature and scope of each strategy.

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Don't Teach Technology, Teach with Technology
Vivian Cyrus, Ben Flora
Using a discovery lesson for determining the area of an equilateral triangle given a side length as an illustration of how to introduce features of the TI-92 geometry package within a mathematical context.

Learning Mathematics Vocabulary: Potential Pitfalls and Instructional Strategies
Denisse Thompson, Rheta Rubenstein
Focus on vocabulary as one aspect of language that is necessary for overall mathematics achievement. Potential vocabulary problems are identified, and instructional strategies to promote vocabulary development are provided.

Cost Allocation: An Application of Fair Division
Albert Goetz
A typical cost-allocation problem with possible solutions, including geometric and combinatoric ones. Students are provided with a real-life application of the mathematics that they know.

Generalized Fibonacci Sequences
Sean Bradley
Generalized Fibonacci sequences that satisfy many elegant identities, possess curious properties, and provide physical applications and connections to various branches of mathematics.

A Triangle Divided: Investigating Equal Areas
Daniel Scher
A variety of approaches to solving one geometry problem, illustrating the work of teachers, the flow of their ideas, and the diverse areas of mathematics they applied.