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October 2009, Volume 103, Issue 3


The NCTM High School Curriculum Project: Why It Matters to You
W. Gary Martin
The message of Focus in High School Mathematics: Reasoning and Sense Making, NCTM’s new (2009) publication on high school mathematics, is simple: Reasoning and sense making provide a focus for high school mathematics that will give students a foundation for their future success.

more4u-MT-100x23  Podcast from the 2010 Annual Meeting in San Diego
Focus in High School Mathematics: Reasoning and Sense Making
Presenters: W. Gary Martin, Judith Quander, Vincent Snipes 

A Welcome Focus: An Essay Review of the NCTM High School Curriculum Project
Alan Schoenfeld
Mathematics—it all fits together! When you’ve figured out how something works mathematically, the bottom line is as plain as day.

On Fences, Forms, and Mathematical Modeling
Jerry Legé
Modeling and then designing a picket fence allows students to use real-life mathematics to develop a mathematical habit of mind.

Want to Play Geometry?
Megan Bomer, Matthew Kaufmann, Nancy Powell
Much axiomatic reasoning, the basis of proof, occurs while students play games.

A Function or Not a Function? That Is the Question
Beverly Hartter
Analyzing and discussing examples and nonexamples of functions can help address students’ misconceptions about this important concept.