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October 2010, Volume 104, Issue 3


Lesson Study: Still a Work in Progress in America
Penelope P. Tolle
The postlesson discussion in Japanese lesson study—arguably the most important component—is underused in American teaching.

Teaching Proportional Reasoning through Familiar Biology
Lance Burger
Exploring relationships between size and heat loss in dogs teaches students about the ratio of surface area to volume.

Exploring the Mathematics of Bouncing Balls
Natalya Vinogradova and Larry G. Blaine
Simple equipment—stopwatches, tape measures, and golf balls—allows students to explore geometric sums and quadratic equations and analyze experimental data.

Bouncing Balls and Graphing Derivatives
Beth Cory
Using motion detectors, calculus, and physics, students create height-, velocity-, and acceleration-versus-time graphs of a bouncing ball.

Apportionment in the Democratic Primary Process
Kristi Geist, Michael A. Jones and Jennifer Wilson
How the delegates for the 2008 New Jersey Democratic presidential primary were divided may have influenced the number of delegates the candidates received–and possibly the primary's outcome.

A classroom activity for computing differences in methods and results