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October 2013, Volume 107, Issue 3


Spaghetti Sine Curves: Virtual Environments for Reasoning and Sense Making
S. Asli Özgün-Koca, Michael Todd Edwards, and Michael Meagher
The Spaghetti Sine Curves activity, which uses GeoGebra applets to enhance student learning, illustrates how technology supports effective use of physical materials.

Appendix to Spaghetti Sine Curves: Customizable activity sheets (Word)

Reinforcing Geometric Properties with Shapedoku Puzzles- FREE PREVIEW!
Jeffrey J. Wanko and Jennifer V. Nickell
Shapedoku puzzles combine logic and spatial reasoning with an understanding of basic geometric concepts.

Additional Shapedoku activities and their solutions (PDF)

Extreme Numbers and Estimation Skills
Natalya Vinogradova
Using estimation helps increase numerical fluency and gives meaning to large numbers.

Open-ended Questions and the Process Standards
Wendy B. Sanchez
Educating students—for life, not for tests—implies incorporating open-ended questions in your teaching to develop higher-order thinking.

An Unexpected Influence on a Quadratic
Jon D. Davis
Using technology to explore the coefficients of a quadratic equation leads to an unexpected result.