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November 2002, Volume 95, Issue 8


Thinking out of the Box . . . Problem
Walter Dodge, Steve Viktora
Student explorations and mathematical generalizations of a classic pre-calculus and calculus problem "The box problem."

AP Calculus and Technology: A Retrospective
Dan Kennedy
The history behind the decision to require calculators on the AP Calculus examinations.

Changing the Goal: An Adventure in Problem Solving, Problem Posing, and Symbolic Meaning with a TI-92
Armando Martínez-Cruz, Jose Contreras
How changing the goal in some problems leads into mathematical activities, enhanced with technology, such as problem solving, problem posing, conjecturing, and proving.

Computer Algebra Systems in Our Schools: Some Axioms and Some Examples
John Mahoney
Students can solve traditional algebra and calculus problems using computer algebra systems, but how will their use help students learn mathematics? This article contains five somewhat provocative axioms and many examples about the value of using CAS in schools to help students learn mathematics.

Symbolic Manipulation in a Technological Age
Michael Edwards
Ways in which handheld Computer Algebra Systems (CAS) may be used as pedagogical tools for the teaching and learning of algebraic manipulation.

Algebraic Insight: The Algebra Needed to Use Computer Algebra Systems
Robyn Pierce, Kaye Stacey
Computer Algebra Systems can perform the algebraic manipulations for which we routinely teach and practice techniques in secondary schools. Their use will require redirecting teaching towards Algebraic Insight with Algebraic Expectation and Ability to Link Representations as the two main aspects. A framework is presented to guide curriculum and assessment and to monitor teaching.

Getting Started with a CAS: Our Story
Natalie Jakucyn, Kenneth Kerr
Some experiences and considerations for implementations of a CAS in a pre-calculus course.