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November 2009, Volume 103, Issue 4


Ten Things to Consider When Teaching Proof
Michelle Cirillo
What I wish I had known about teaching proof before I taught geometry.

Proof Mapping
Leanne Linares, Phil Smith
Constructing geometry proofs through group- and self-reflection helps develop successful arguments by revealing underlying thought processes.

Japanese Logic Puzzles and Proof
Jeffrey Wanko
Hashiwokakero, also known as Bridges, is one of several types of Japanese logic puzzles that help students establish proof-readiness skills.

Soft Drinks, Mind Reading, and Number Theory
Kyle Schultz
A mathematical proof inspired by a mind-reading trick found online can ready algebra students for more rigorous thinking.

Learning Deductive Reasoning through Games of Logic
P. Janelle McFeetors, Ralph Mason
By exploring, analyzing, and convincing, students can develop deductive reasoning strategies during preproof experiences.

Preparing for Formal Proofs in Geometry
Art Johnson
Conclusion quickies and mystery problems precede and prepare for formal proof in geometry.