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November 2010, Volume 104, Issue 4


The Median-Median Line
David C. Wilson
Students use movie sales data to estimate and draw lines of best fit, bridging technology and mathematical understanding.

Using Dynamic Technology to present concepts through Multiple Representations
Edward A. DePeau and Robin S. Kalder
The TI-Nspire combines many different capabilities of many technologies—The Geometer’s Sketchpad, Microsoft Word, and Excel—in one tool.

Designing Mathematical Learning Environments for Teachers
Sandra R. Madden
Scaffolding tasks can help increase teachers’ comfort and competence with technology.

Now We’re Really Clicking!
Susan R. Popelka
Using clickers in a high school mathematics classroom—before, during, and after instruction—provides data on students’ understanding and attitudes.

Trigonometry Comes Alive through Digital Storytelling
Doug Gould and Denise A. Schmidt
High school students create digital story problems about real-life situations and then apply trigonometric functions to solve these problems.

Student Interactions in Technology-Rich Classrooms
Karen L. Fonkert
Does the use of individual laptop computers in the classroom create a barrier to student collaboration?

Cooking with Quadratics
Luajean N. Bryan
Using basic properties of a parabola, students collect and analyze temperature data and construct a three-dimensional model from a quadratic equation—to cook marshmallows!

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