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November 2013, Volume 107, Issue 4


A Skyscraping Feat
Sarah A. Roberts and Jean S. Lee
Skyscraper Windows, a high cognitive demanding algebra task, addresses the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics.

Cracking Codes and Launching Rockets
Teo J. Paoletti
This historically significant real-life application of a cryptographic coding technique, which incorporates first-year algebra and geometry, makes mathematics come alive in the classroom.

Connecting Slope, Steepness, and Angles
Courtney R. Nagle and Deborah Moore-Russo
Students must be able to relate many representations of slope to form an integrated understanding of the concept.

Customizable Activity Sheet for Connecting Slope, Steepness, and Angles (Word)

Problems before Procedures: Systems of Equations
Kasi C. Allen
Students today come to first-year algebra with considerable prior experience and a wide range of skills. Teachers need to modify their instructional strategies accordingly.

Teaching Structure in Algebra
Ethan M. Merlin
Exercises about glue and trees and addresses can inoculate students against their notorious tendency to reduce incorrectly when simplifying expressions.

Connecting Algebra to Economics- FREE PREVIEW!
Victor Mateas
Economics can be an avenue for teaching such algebra concepts as graphing curves, writing linear equations, solving systems of equations, and shifting graphs.

Customizable Activity Sheet for Connecting Algebra to Economics (Word)