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December 2000, Volume 93, Issue 9


Primitive Living Structures: Tents and Tipis
Roger Green, Laura Snyder
Primitive living structures furnish real-world problems that are solvable using mathematics and computer-modeling techniques.

Gathering Circles: An Experience in Creativity and Variety
Koji Nakagomi
Materials and methods that maintain students' interest and encourage them to think creatively, develop mathematical reasoning, and look at problems from different perspectives, all within an open-ended approach to problem solving. Questions for discussion are included.

An Extension: Gather Your Students around the Gathering Circles
Peggy House
Various ways of representing arrangements of tightly packed circles, and poses questions concerning related functions and problems.

The Evolving Role of Women in Mathematics
Marilyn Simon
This article traces the historical exclusion of women from mathematics and science, cites attempts to support their involvement, assesses their current status, and highlights some programs which encourage young women to enter the profession.

Cubic Polynomials
Alan Lipp
A classification of factorable cubics and how the associated factor graphs determine domains of disconnected branches and furnish a skeletal framework for the number and shape of the branches. A second perspective is provided by looking at three dimensional visualization and examining level curves and spikes of the surfaces.