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December 2001, Volume 94, Issue 9


Real-World Problems as Contexts for Proof
Ted Hodgson, Kate Riley
Students explore the problem of banking a pool ball off a side wall to make it travel a certain path. They learn that their first model does not work.

A Truth Table on the Island of Truthtellers and Liars
Christopher Baltus
This article is built around several Truthteller-Liar problems which call for truth tables and careful reasoning in novel situations.

Black Dots: Newton's Method and a Simple One-Dimensional Fractal
Tony Fisher
A graphing calculator exercise leads students to a better feel for Newton's Method and to the connection between Newton's Method and fractal geometry.

Mathematics Didn't Just Happen!
James Lightner
An examination the Greek era, the Dark Ages, and the 17th Century to see the impact of the zeitgeist in mathematical developments.