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December 2002, Volume 95, Issue 9


Discuss with Your Colleagues: Exploring the Four-Points-on-a-Circle Theorems with Interactive Geometry Software
Zhonghong Jiang, Lyle Pagnucco
Working with high school students in exploring the four-points-on-a-circle theorems and related statements using interactive geometry software.

Socratic Seminars for Mathematics
Karen Koellner-Clark, L. Stallings, Sue Hoover
How Socratic seminars are used in mathematics classes in one school by discussing an example seminar on functions in Algebra II classroom.

Statistical Sampling and Data Collection Activities
Andrew Gelman, Deborah Nolan
Several student participation activities combining (i) the basics of random sampling, (ii) practical complications (e.g., how do survey takers deal with biases from selection, nonresponse, and question wording), and (iii) theoretical ideas (e.g., sampling with unequal probabilities).

Volumes and Cube Dissections
Ioana Mihaila
Visual procedures for showing the relationships between the volumes of certain three-dimensional objects.