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December 2003, Volume 96, Issue 9


We Have a Problem Here: 5 + 20 = 45?
David Wagner
Students' creative mathematical work while engaged by the problems they found in "Playing with Squares".

Equal Arcs, Triangles, and Probability
Richard Smith
A way that gives students experience with probability applied to geometry.

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Teaching Algebra to Students with Learning Disabilities
Marcee Steele, John Steele
Learning disabilities characteristics and reviews strategies that will be helpful for students with LD and their algebra teachers.

Mathematics, Politics, and Greenhouse Gas Intensity: An Example of Using Pólya's Problem-Solving Strategy
Stan Yoshinobu
How to use Polya's problem-solving strategy in the context of the "greenhouse gas intensity" problem.

A Reasonable Restriction Set for Solving Radical Equations
Vladimir Gurevich
A method that identifies and eliminates extraneous solutions of a radical equation at the beginning of the solution process instead of at the end. It allows students to solve problems in a straightforward manner, accepting rather than rejecting solutions.