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December 2009, Volume 103, Issue 5


Additional Exercises for Algebra, Home Mortgages, and Recessions

Mathematics Problems from Ancient Egyptian Papyri
Christopher Howard
Age-old problems from the Rhind and Moscow Papyri can enliven the curriculum while making students aware of mathematics history.

Mathematical Letter Writing
Anderson Norton, Zachary Rutledge, Kareston Hall, Rebecca Norton
Mathematical letter writing can be a mutually beneficial partnership between high schools and universities. 

Algebra, Home Mortgages, and Recessions
Jean Miller Mariner, Richard Miller
The 2008–2009 U.S. economic crisis stimulated this exploration of the algebra of mortgages, the bubble in house prices, and how to reduce foreclosure rates.

Additional Exercises for Algebra, Home Mortgages, and Recessions

Investigating the Randomness of Numbers
Kenn Pendleton
If one claims that a sample has been randomly selected from a population, can the merits of the claim be assessed using statistical tests? Are tests alone sufficient?

more4u-MT-100x23  Podcast from the 2010 Annual Meeting in San Diego
The Cube Contains All, Explains All
Presenter: Kenn L. Pendleton