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December 2013, Volume 107, Issue 5


Angry Birds Mathematics: Parabolas and Vectors
John H. Lamb
Vector properties and the birds’ frictionless environment help students understand the mathematics behind the game.

Angry Birds: Additional images for student assessment (PDF)

Using KenKen to Build Reasoning Skills- FREE PREVIEW!
Harold B. Reiter, John Thornton, and G. Patrick Vennebush
Through KenKen puzzles, students can explore parity, counting, subsets, and various problem-solving strategies.

Additional KenKen puzzles and solutions (PDF)

Problem Analysis: Challenging All Learners
Katie Garcia and Alicia Davis
Teachers can modify existing materials to meet new curricular goals, reaching learners at all levels.

Solutions to the problem analyses (PDF)

Algebraic Activities Aid Discovery Lessons
Patricia Wallace-Gomez
Three graphing activities lead students to discover the shapes and properties of the graphs for linear, quadratic, and absolute value functions and inequalities.

Adding It All Up: Reconceiving the Introduction of the Integral
Steven R. Jones
An applied approach to understanding the integral—using a burst pipe—involves physical quantities and helps deepen the concept for students.