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How One Physics Teacher Changed His Algebraic Thinking
Marsha P. Nicol
How using technology in the classroom helped one Physics teacher change his view of algebraic thinking from "algebraic manipulation" to "a relationship of patterns or of tendencies and trends as a result of various factors that are interacting with whatever problem".

(Naturally) Numbers Are Fun
Don Crossfield
Some ways that sequences incorporated in lessons affect the caliber of thinking and questioning of students.

Telephones and Algebra
Elizabeth Berman Appelbaum
An activity that involves cell phone usage and rates to engage students in the study of linear algebra in a college algebra class.

Getting into the Swing of Functions
Lauren Clarke
An activity that uses Calculator-Based Laboratories to introduce functions.

Ideas about Symbolism That Students Bring To Algebra
Kaye Stacey and Mollie MacGregor
A research project that identified four causes of misunderstandings in algebra that are caused by past experience with symbolism.

Iterating Linear Functions: An Introduction To Dynamical Systems.
Jonathan Choate and Henri Picciotto
Introduces students to the study of dynamical systems through a number of learning activities that explore functions in general and linear and exponential functions in particular. Students use calculators to interpret graphs, find patterns in tables of data, and also use algebra.

Supporting the Development of Mathematical Pedagogy.
Catherine A. Brown and Margaret S. Smith
Focuses on Standard 4: Knowing Mathematical Pedagogy from the "Professional Teaching Standards" from the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. Uses the profile of an algebra teacher and his pedagogy to explore how this standard might be exemplified in practice.

Building the Concept of Function from Students' Everyday Activities
Susana Davidenko
This article describes activities that promote students' awareness of the structure of the information involved in everyday activities and use spreadsheets to provide external representations of functions from students' mental representations of phenomena.

Algebraic Thinking: A Theme for Professional Development
Faye Ruopp, Al Cuoco, Sue M. Rasala and M. Grace Kelemanik
A K-12 professional development project, Teachers Time and Transformations, created with algebraic thinking as its content focus.

Solving Equations in a Technological Environment
Michal Yerushalmy and Shoshana Gilead
Description of an alternative algebra course, used in Israel; centered around the concept of function, based on intensive use of technology, and supporting of an active learning environment called "guided inquiry into visual mathematics".

Multiple Representations - Using Different Perspectives To Form a Clearer Picture
Cynthia M. Piez and Mary H. Voxman
How students gain a more thorough understanding of a function if it is explored using numerical, graphical, and analytical methods.


Sharing Teaching Ideas
Sharing Teaching Ideas: Can You Guess My Number?