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February 2001, Volume 94, Issue 2


Dinosaurs, Dinosaur Eggs, and Probability
Anne Teppo, Ted Hodgson
An activity that employs simulation and the concept of distribution to address a problem in recent paleontogical research. Explores concepts from geometry, analytic geometry, and discrete mathematics.

Under Construction: On Becoming a Constructivist in View of the Standards
Cherry Ward
The role of NCTM's Standards document in the Constructivist movement.

The Sumario Compendioso: The New World's First Mathematics Book
Shirley Gray, C. Sandifer
The Sumario Compendioso, the first mathematics book written in North America, can be used to enrich mathematics classes and forge links between mathematics and other subjects.

Connecting Independence and the Chi-Square Statistic
Wes White
A review of the use of the chi-squared statistic for goodness of fit and then a look at how the author has helped students relate prior knowledge with the chi-square statistic.

Beyond the Golden Ratio: A Calculator-Based Investigation
Peter Glidden
Investigation uses the guided-discovery approach to approximate the golden ratio, investigate repeated radicals, relate the repeated radicals interpretation to the golden ratio, and investigate the golden-section interpretation.