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February 2006, Volume 99, Issue 6


Discovering Relationships Involving Baravelle Spirals
Jeffrey Wanko
This article details a classrooms exploration of Baravelle spirals as visual representations of infinite geometric series, focusing on a variety of strategies used by preservice teachers in discovering patterns and investigating relationships of variables. Student discussion and activities are discussed.

Bugs, Planes, and Ferris Wheels: A Problem-Centered Curriculum
William Campbell, Joyce Kemp, Joan Zia
This article describes a problem-centered curriculum for grades 9-12, using problem sets developed by a mathematics department and designed to take the place of textbooks. Student examples and activities are demonstrated and discussed. The students discover mathematical concepts in the context of the problems and activities in the materials.

Three by Three Systems: More than Just a Point
Joseph Ordinans
This article focuses on solving three by three systems. Building on their knowledge of the three possible outcomes of solving 2x2 systems of equations, students use three-dimensional geometric figures to investigate the eight possible outcomes for solving 3x3 systems of equations. The article features problems, discussion and assessment information.

Teaching about Functions through Motion in Real Time
Maria L. Fernández
This article discusses functional relationships and describes technology-based tasks to enhance students' understanding of functions within a framework for thinking about students' development of knowledge.

You've Heard of Cramer's Rule, Now Try Comer's: An Alternative Approach to Finding Determinants
Michelle J. Genovese
This article describes Cramer's Rule and then discusses Comer's Method, a student's discovery of an alternative approach to solving the determinant of a 3x3 matrix. Comer's Method and her work is detailed .