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February 2007, Volume 100, Issue 6


Imagine Yourself in This Calculus Classroom
Luajean Bryan
The efforts to attract students to precalculus, trigonometry, and calculus classes became more successful when projects-based classes were offered. Data collection from an untethered hot air balloon flight for calculus students was planned to maximize enrollment. The data were analyzed numerically, graphically, and algebraically. The project made calculus more meaningful and memorable for students.

The Internet: Problem Solving Friend or Foe?
Jeffrey Wanko
Teaching problem solving to today's students requires teachers to be aware of the ways their students may use the internet as both a resource and as a tool for solving problems. In this article, I describe some of my own experiences in teaching problem solving to preservice teachers and how the existence of the internet has affected the ways in which I design and pose problems to my students.

Proof for Everyone
Eugene Olmstead
How all students can apply the algebra skills they have learned to problem solving through investigation, along with different levels of proving the conjectures algebraically.

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