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February 2010, Volume 103, Issue 6


Common Errors in Counting Problems
Scott Annin, Kevin Lai
Analyzing combinatorics problems involving flags and playing cards presents common pitfalls for students—pitfalls that can be avoided.

Proof-Related Reasoning in High School Textbooks
Gwendolyn Johnson, Denisse Thompson, Sharon Senk
The authors provide a framework for investigating proof-related reasoning in high school algebra and precalculus textbooks and suggest ways to increase students’ opportunity to learn proof-related reasoning.

What Mathematics Do High School Teachers Need to Know?
Michael Gilbert, Jacqueline Coomes
The MC3 project defines, describes, and characterizes the mathematics knowledge needed for teaching high school mathematics.

Investigating the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus
Heather L. Johnson
A student’s response to a lesson on the fundamental theorem of calculus expands the lesson to include representing accumulated area as a function.

How Technology Can Motivate the Learning of Proof
Kimberley O. Muller
Using The Geometer’s Sketchpad helps students learn about geometric proof through exploration, discovery, and conjecture.