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February 2011, Volume 104, Issue 6


Fixing Ganache: Another Real-Life Use for Algebra
Adam M. Kalman
In a real-world application of proportional reasoning and equation solving, students adjust ingredient amounts in a recipe for chocolate ganache.

Scribing: A Technology-Based Instructional Strategy
Patrick Harless
Scribing—using a Tablet PC to facilitate whole-class discussions—is gaining in popularity as teachers discover its advantages.

When 95% Accurate Isn’t: Exploring Bayes’s Theorem
Todd D. CadwalladerOlsker
Bayes’s theorem—a difficult concept for many students—can be introduced through simulated data, expected frequencies, and probabilities.

Reflections on a Technology-Rich Mathematics Classroom
Thomas E. Hodges and Elizabeth Conner
A teacher and a student describe how integrating technology into a mathematics classroom redefined their roles.

Improving Teaching through Lesson Study Debriefing
Randall E. Groth
Careful reflection during the most important phase of lesson study merits special attention.