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February 2014, Volume 107, Issue 6


Fostering Student Engagement with the Flip- FREE PREVIEW!
Amanda J. Moore, Matthew R. Gillett, and Michael D. Steele
Reflections on the design and implementation of the flipped instruction model in two mathematics classrooms.

Customizable Activity Sheet for Fostering Student Engagement with the Flip

Cultivating Deductive Thinking with Angle Chasing
Michael Todd Edwards, James Quinlan, Suzanne R. Harper, Dana C. Cox, and Steve Phelps
This approach to determining measures of angles fosters stronger understanding of formal proof.

Two additional activities for Cultivating Deductive Thinking with Angle Chasing

Generalizing: The Core of Algebraic Thinking
Barbara M. Kinach
The meaningful use of symbols links context and generality.

The Stable Pairing Problem
Raymond N. Greenwell and Daniel E. Seabold
The Gale-Shapley algorithm can be used to match partners in a variety of contexts, such as marriage and hospital residencies.

Additional exercises with answers (PDF) for The Stable Pairing Problem

Successfully Transitioning to Linear Equations
Connie Colton and Wendy M. Smith
A multiphase lesson on selling T-shirts guides students from single-variable equations to linear relationships.