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March 2005, Volume 98, Issue 7


A Proposal to Address the Shortage of Highly Qualified Mathematics Teachers
Clyde Paul
Issues that prevent retention of qualified mathematics teachers and solutions. The author suggests financial compensation in line with their competence and qualifications. Soundoffs are Mathematics Teacher's version of an op-ed, an opinion written by someone not affiliated with the editorial panel. Soundoffs are a regular department in Mathematics Teacher, where the author advocates a point of view about some aspect of the teaching or learning of mathematics.

The Power of L-systems in Fractal Construction and Theory
Arnold Perham, Faustine Perham
The use of L-systems, Applets that allow students to construct line fractals including the Koch snowflake, the Sierpinski triangle, and the Harter-Heighway dragon. Applets that use L-system theory offer a graphics tool that promotes geometric reasoning, sparks enthusiasm, and connects to historical themes in modern geometry. Examples of student work, questions and lesson plans, commands, data tables, and real pictures are included for teachers and students of calculus.

Coloring Formulas for Growing Patterns
Kay Meeks Roebuck
A way to use color to represent and identify functions. Colored sequences in tiles are a visual model for beginning algebraic modeling and patterning.

Finding the Maximal Area of Bounded Polygons in a Circle
Arie Rokach
Proving that a regular n-vertex polygon has a greater area than any other n-vertex polygon bounded in the same circle. Basic geometric rules are used to prove the theorem with triangles and quadrilaterals.