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March 2006, Volume 99, Issue 7


Approximating Pi with the Golden Ratio
Stacy L. Linn, David K. Neal
This article employs the Archimedean method of estimating the value of pi within an inscribed pentagon. We show how to write these approximations in terms of the golden ration. The article includes excercises and solutions for better understanding.

Proofs That Students Can Do
Robert O. Stanton
This article discusses deductive reasoning and proof being an essential part of mathematics. In this article it discusses and discribes a  powerful technique that can be used by students to do proofs.. All examples come from areas of high school mathematics outside geometry and proofs are listed for students to do.

Trigonometry Saves Engineer's Time
Sean D. Rule
This article outlines an engineering problem requiring the use of a specialized trigonometric formula, and offers an answer to that age-old classroom question, "When are we gonna have to use this?"  The article also includes screenshots from the Geometer's Sketchpad.

Non-Geometry Mathematics and The Geometer's Sketchpad
Todd O. Moyer
xplorations using The Geometer's Sketchpad for algebra and calculus content. Screenshots and examples are listed and discussed.

Grandfather Tang Goes to High School
Iris DeLoach Johnson
This article describes how the children's literature book, Grandfather Tang's Story, which is commonly used in the elementary grades, may be used at the high school level to engage students in an exploration of area and perimeter which includes basic operations with square roots, ordering numbers (decimal approximations, and their exact measurements in square roots).