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March 2011, Volume 104, Issue 7


Inverse Functions: What Our Teachers Didn’t Tell Us
Frank C. Wilson, Scott Adamson, Trey Cox and Alan O’Bryan
The concept and notation of inverse functions—often tricky for students—become less so when using real-world data and a strategy of solving for the dependent variable.

Exploring Nonroutine Functions Algebraically and Graphically
Christine P. Trinter and Joe Garofalo
Students tackle algebraic and graphical representations of exponential, logarithmic, rational, and power functions.

Taking the Work out of Homework
Teodora B. Cox and Stacy L. Singer
A study examines the effectiveness of Web-based homework versus paper-based homework on calculus students’ test grades.

An Excel-lent Card Trick
Holly S. Zullo
A card trick opens opportunities for several mathematical lessons on composition of functions, the floor function, iteration, and the use of Excel.

The Teacher’s Role in Effective Computer-Assisted Instruction Intervention
David R. Snow
An understanding of the teacher’s role in a classroom in which CAI is used is essential to meeting the needs of reluctant learners.