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March 2014, Volume 107, Issue 7


A Rationale for Irrationals: An Unintended Exploration of e- FREE PREVIEW!
Nicholas H. Wasserman
The practice of problem posing is as important to develop as problem solving. The resulting explorations can be mathematically rich.

Developing the Area of a Trapezoid
Agida G. Manizade and Marguerite M. Mason
When calculating the area of a trapezoid, students use a range of problem-solving strategies and measurement concepts.

Using Covariation Reasoning to Support Mathematical Modeling
Erik Jacobson
Table representations of functions allow students to compare rows as well as values in the same row.

Algebra Homework: A Sandwich!
D. Bruce Jackson
Given two slices of bread—a problem and the answer—students fill in the fixings: their own mathematics reasoning.

Learning Algebra from Worked Examples
Karin E. Lange, Julie L. Booth, and Kristie J. Newton
Presenting examples of both correctly and incorrectly worked solutions is a practical classroom strategy that helps students counter misconceptions about algebra.

Working the System
Darla R. Berks and Amber N. Vlasnik
Two teachers discuss the planning and observed results of an introductory problem to help students nail a conceptual approach to solving systems of equations.