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April 2001, Volume 94, Issue 4


Thinking and Writing Mathematically: Achilles and the Tortoise as an Algebraic Word Problem
Joseph Martinez
Discusses author's view of word problems in an Algebra class and describes an imaginative context with a thinking and writing exercise he developed for classroom use.

Kissing Pennies and Eating Pi
David Buhl
A classroom inquiry into expressing pi as the limit of a sequence of different ratios using relationships among coins and the radius of an inscribed circle.

Exploring the Birthday Paradox Using a Monte Carlo Simulation and Graphing Calculators
Matthew Whitney
A lesson using a graphing calculator and the "birthday problem" to stimulate student interest in probability.

Discuss with Your Colleagues: Learning Mathematical Symbolism: Challenges and Instructional Strategies
Rheta Rubenstein, Denisse Thompson
Attempts to sensitize teachers to challenges students have with mathematical symbols, and suggests instructional strategies that can reduce student difficulties.

Just Thinkin' of the Rain
Charles Emenaker
A group project that involves geometry and falls into an area of mathematics known as operations research.

Discrete Dynamical Systems Meet the Classic Monkey-and-the-Bananas Problem
Gerald Gannon, Mario Martelli
Presents a solution to the three-sailors-and-the-bananas problem and attempts a generalization using an idea drawn from the branch of mathematics called "discrete dynamical systems."

Centroid of a Polygon-Three Views
Thomas Shilgalis, Carol Benson
A mathematical look at the center-of-mass concept.

Geometric Approaches to Quadratic Equations from Other Times and Places
Patricia Allaire, Robert Bradley
Historical solutions to quadratics problems that do not rely on symbolic manipulation.

Pierre Varignon and the Parallelogram Theorem
Peter Oliver
A brief biography of Pierre Varignon (1654–1722), French academician of the era of Newton and Liebniz, who furnished the first rigorous proof of the Parallelogram Theorem.


Reader Reflections
Reader Reflections - April 2001

Activities (for students)
Activities for Students: Seeing How Money Grows

Calendar Problems
Calendar - April 2001

Media Clips
Media Clips - April 2001

Technology /Technology Tips
Technology Tips - April 2001

Reviewing and Viewing
Review of books, media, and other products.

Technology /Technology Tips
Technology - April 2001

Reviewing and Viewing
Products - April 2001

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