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April 2002, Volume 95, Issue 4


Let Your Fingers Do the Multiplying
Sidney Kolpas
This article describes, proves, and generalizes techniques for multiplying whole numbers on your fingers.

How Faithful Is Old Faithful? Statistical Thinking: A Story of Variation and Prediction
J. Shaughnessy, Maxine Pfannkuch
Data from Old Faithful geysers is introduced to highlight the important role that variation should play in our teaching of statistics. Our past teaching may have overemphasized the role of centers to the neglect of issues of spread and variability.

The Boat-and-Ambulance Problem Revisited
Michel Helfgott, P. Lutz
Some of the multiple solutions and extensions of The Boat and Ambulance Problem that were generated by activities in an eighth grade mathematics class and the teacher reflection that followed.

Teaching the Logistic Function in High School
Gregory Stephens
Graphing calculators allow us to use the logistic function with students who are just beginning to explore the nature of functions. In particular, the logistic function is sufficiently complex to afford students at different levels a number of problem solving opportunities.