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April 2003, Volume 96, Issue 4


Early Secondary Mathematics: Teaching Sums of Angle Measures: A Kinesthetic Approach
Ayana Touval, Galeet Westreich
A different approach to teaching students how to measure the sums of angles of various polygons. They employ kinesthetic activities with easy-to-follow diagrams and instructions and provide activity sheets for recording activity experiences.

Mathematical Insight: Changing Perspective
Cliff Sloyer
A number of examples to demonstrate how looking at solutions to problems from different perspectives can enrich a students' problem solving skills.

Birthday Lies
Dale Hathaway
How potentially dishonest students can affect the classic birthday problem.

Penny Packing for Your Thoughts
Stanley Bezuszka, Margaret Kenney
This article pursues a well-known mathematical problem at an introductory level and from a standpoint that is within reach of students involved in algebra and geometry.

The Play-off Probability Problem
Murray Lauber
This article builds on a classroom-generated solution to explore, to compare, and to generalize, a number of approaches to the problem of determining the probability of a team winning a playoff series.

A Problem-Posing Approach to Specializing, Generalizing, and Extending Problems with Interactive Geometry Software
José Contreras
How to use a problem-posing model and dynamic geometry software for formulating problems and conjectures within geometric contexts.

Where Is the Highest Point on the Roof of a Shed?
Ysbrand de Bruyn
A geometric model, which can be used to enlighten the basic concepts of linear programming, and provides a visual way of understanding the simplex methods of linear programming.