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April 2007, Volume 100, Issue 8


President's Choice: Constructing a Personal Understanding of Mathematics: Making the Pieces Fit
Mark Ellis
Selected by Gail Burrill

Statistical Thinking with Trend Charts
Stephen Scariano; Maria Calzada
The basic ideas of statistical trend charts and their utility as a pedagogical tool for sparking statistical thinking.

Use of Archimedes' Process for Approximating Circle Area as an Introduction to Limits
S. Özgün-Koca
An introductory activity for the limit concept with a geometrical and historical foundation. A connection among Geometry, Measurement and Calculus is highlighted with the help of technology. The geometrical drawing, measurement and graphing capabilities of both TI-89 and Geometer's Sketchpad make it possible for students to experience Archimedes' process for determining circular area.

Promoting Inquiry-Based Instruction and Collaboration in a Teacher Preparation Program
Beverly Smith
How mathematics and science teacher educators collaborated to promote the use of high-level tasks and inquiry-based instruction in high school classrooms. Working with a colleague in the School of Arts and Sciences, education professors developed and team-taught a model inquiry-based lesson. Then teacher candidates were asked to design high-level inquiry-based tasks and maintain the level of those tasks as they engaged their peers in similar micro-teaching activities.

The What, Why, and How of Contextual Teaching in a Mathematics Classroom
Desha Williams
An overview of contextual teaching and supplies teachers with a way to develop contextual lessons.