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April 2008, Volume 101, Issue 8


Digital Images + Interactive Software = Enjoyable, Real Mathematics Modeling
Andy Ventress
The use of digital images of real-life phenomena and interactive software to carry out mathematics investigations to determine a mathematical model. The author uses student created digital images superimposed in Geometers Sketchpad or Cabri Geometry. Students determine the regression equation using a graphing utility.

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Investigating the Mathematical Process with Nonlinear Asymptotes
Michael Bossé, Karen DeUrquidi, David Edwards, N. Nandakumar
Under the backdrop of the investigation of rational functions and their respective curved asymptotes, the reader is invited to experience the mathematical process alongside the authors and observe the application of the NCTM Process Standards and the use of multiple representations in the investigation and solution of a problem. Inquiry into the behavior of functions and relation to asymptotes is processed through the use of Geometers Sketchpad and handheld graphing utilities.

Using Technology to Promote Mathematical Discourse Concerning Women in Mathematics
Lyn Phy
The uses of technology to facilitate mathematical discourse concerning women in mathematics. Such a topic can be introduced in various traditional courses such as algebra, geometry, trigonometry, probability and statistics, or calculus, but it is not included in traditional textbooks. Through the ideas presented here, you can encourage meaningful discussions of this fascinating topic as well as lasting documents of your students' research. Collaborative Learning Groups and communication via Blackboard on the Web are utilized.