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April 2009, Volume 102, Issue 8


Who Was the Real William Shakespeare?
Michael Edwards
Highlighting a project that encourages students to connect reading and mathematics instruction by using a data analysis approach. Students analyze sonnets from statistical, literary, and historical points of view in an effort to uncover the true identity of William Shakespeare.

Learning from Students’ Thinking
Lynn Hodge
Exploring the author’s learning as she interviewed students who participated in a data analysis unit. The article features students’ comments and raises issues that are pertinent to supporting students’ understandings of data analysis and their views of their own mathematical capabilities

Storytelling Adds Meaning
Victor Selby
Several enrichment activities that connect mathematics to science in an algebra 1 curriculum. It provides a basis and suggestions for teachers to include student-produced essays about the role of mathematics in the history of civilization.

Shared Language
Daniel Bochicchio, Shelbi Cole, Deborah Ostien, Vanessa Rodriguez, Megan Staples, Patricia Susla, Mary Truxaw
A process by which seven educators collaboratively engaged in developing a shared language to describe the mathematics pedagogy used to guide whole-class discussions as well as the products of their work. Suggestions are made for how others might engage in similarly productive professional development activities.

Empowering Students through Data
Paige A. Barnes
An activity that helps students understand data analysis concepts while learning how to take control of their learning.