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April 2010, Volume 103, Issue 8


Translations toward Connected Mathematics
Mark Applebaum, Roza Leikin
The translation principle allows students to solve problems in different branches of mathematics and thus to develop connectedness in their mathematical knowledge.

ProofBlocks: A Visual Approach to Proof
Jennifer Dirksen, Nathaniel Dirksen, Ivan Cheng
An inherently visual technique, ProofBlocks lends itself to the use of manipulatives, thus making proof more accessible to more students.

The Pascal-Fermat Correspondence: How Mathematics Is Really Done
Keith Devlin
A letter records how two of the greatest mathematicians of all time struggled for several weeks to solve a probability problem.

Connected Representations: From Proportion to Linear Functions
Christopher Baltus
Building on mutually reinforcing representations, students can trace a path from proportion to linear functions.

Proof and Prealgebra
Rachael Barnes, Suzanne Hamon
The prealgebra curriculum offers opportunities for motivating students to engage in proof and for cultivating proof readiness.

A Lesson on the Slopes of Perpendicular Lines
John M. Tucker
This lab uses The Geometer’s Sketchpad to allow students to discover a property of slopes.